Believing in the importance of the quality of the environment for the development of tourism, the hotel’s management has proceeded with the implementation of a specialized system for its administration, in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 14001.

By adopting a targeted environmental policy and by implementing all the measures foreseen in ISO 14001 we upgrade the high standards of services that we provide to our customers over the years while at the same time we contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution.


During all years of our operation, we have remained faithful to the tradition of Greek hospitality offering our customers quality services, which constantly evolve and improve over time.

By utilizing the standards of the system ISO 14001, we combine offering high-level tourist services with good energy management not only when it comes to service, but also in the development of our building infrastructure.

We do not hesitate to take as many natural resources and energy saving measures required, so as to achieve the greatest possible reduction of environmental impact from our operation.


  • Integrated recycling system for numerous materials (glass, paper, aluminium, etc.) through the supply of special composting bins for the hotel’s bio-waste.
  • Installing a desalination system to reduce the consumption of water from the water supply network (by using brackish water we produce water suitable for drinking and irrigation, but also for use in machines and installations).
  • Installing PV panels that will not only allow the autonomous operation of the desalination system but will also supply energy to the hotel.
  • Replacing, the conventional light bulbs in all areas of the hotel, with new, low energy consumption bulbs.
  • Using Active oxygen and eliminating the chlorine for the disinfection of the pool’s water so that the water residues from the washing of the filters could be easily recycled and used for irrigation.
  • Use of organic, recyclable and local products in all areas of the hotel.